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Some of my earliest memories of deep emotion are those of an inherent love and connection felt for animals. Growing up in South Africa, with regular visits to protected wild areas, this appreciation carried over to the complexities of animals in their natural environment. This passion followed through into adulthood and following my dream, I completed a doctorate in Zoology. For the next decade, as a zoologist, I was fortunate enough to grow my understanding and hence appreciation for wildlife, though spending many hours observing, witnessing first-hand the intricacies of social behaviour and connectedness between species. Now as a fulltime artist, I aim to stir up an appreciation for nature by capturing these moments.

I love the vibrancy of colour used in African décor and fabrics. I feel it lifts one’s soul and invokes joy, fun and energy. By incorporating such colour into my art (where it does not necessarily belong), I hope to add this experience.

While I have moved over from science to become a full time artist, I am still passionate about conservation. I understand first-hand, however, the difficulties research and conservation organisations face due to limited funding. A percentage of all art sales therefore goes towards various conservation programmes.

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